Chiots Nordiques

When animal health meets public health

Logo design

A memorable emblem

Chiots Nordiques is a non-profit organization that offers sustainable solutions to the challenges of canine overcrowding in Quebec's aboriginal communities. It was important to create a memorable visual identity that would be recognized at first glance.

A minimalist approach that makes sense

The logo literally represents the organization's slogan: When animal health meets public health. The dog eye here represents animal health and the cross represents public health. The two symbols join by their lines to demonstrate the importance of these two concepts for Chiots Nordiques.

A promotional concept that touches people

The concept of the logo has been thought through according to a promotional concept in which it can be used. The logo idea was conceived according to a promotional concept in which it can be used. The cross highlights the eye of the dog looking into the lens in order to capture people's attention. The eyes of animals are very revealing in terms of their overall condition, their well-being or their distress.

Chiots Nordiques & Refuge Animal

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